This song was born in the early days of Covid Lockdown. Sunrise walks on the Hill and the Piers of beautiful Howth; some Covid Cave ruminations and meditations – and Voila!


Like many of my songs and co-writes over the last 25 years it was written with A.N.Other singer in mind. But with a little magic dust from my son Kevin Corcoran (renowned keyboardist with Villagers, I Have A Tribe, Jake Clemmons, Sun Collective, Saso)  as Producer  and much encouragement from family, friends and colleagues (in particular Luka Bloom) I’m sending my version into cyber space – first ‘release’ in 25 years!


And to add to it – Billie de Buitléar captured the beautiful video shots. Sorca O’Farrell, a favourite Howth artist has often inspired me with her beautiful etchings, especially her ‘Forest Wisdom’ featured above and at the opening of the video.


View the video here


I hope you enjoy and equally hope it inspires, consoles and/or gives you solace in this difficult time to help us ‘rise from the ashes of who we used to be’, build a new world and feel the power of love.




To Feel The Power of Love (Corcoran)

Vocals; Carl Corcoran

Keyboard; Kevin Corcoran

Arranged, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Corcoran

Vocals recorded by Ben Rawlins

Video Creation; Billie De Buitléar

Cover Design; ‘Wisdom Forest’ by Sorca O’Farrell


(c) (p) 2020 Carl Corcoran