Carl Corcoran, a music industry professional whose extensive experience spans songwriting, publishing, management, performance and broadcasting.

Carl Corcoran’s music career started in the mid 70s when under the moniker of Jamie Stone he recorded three albums for EMI that featured original material and collaborations with various co-writers. In the late 70s he moved to New York, where for twenty years he pursued a career in songwriting, publishing, management and performance. He also developed a passion for radio, which he continued on his return to Ireland in 1999, presenting shows on RTÉ Lyric fm and RTÉ Radio 1 including The Lyric Breakfast and the acclaimed late-night programme The Blue of The Night, until his retirement from RTÉ in 2017.

Beyond his broadcasting experience, Carl spent 5 years as the inaugural Course Director of the MA in Songwriting in the Irish World Academy at University of Limerick (2017-22). Following that tenure, he studied at Kingstown College in Dublin and was awarded a Professional Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring (with Distinction) in 2023.


Former presenter and curator of the critically acclaimed Blue of the Night on RTE lyric fm, Carl Corcoran is a skilled arts professional. Carl has worked across all sectors of the music industry – composition, performance, publishing, broadcasting, event management, production and promotion. Carl is a passionate advocate of the Arts in Ireland and is committed to supporting and promoting Irish artists at home and abroad.

From September 2017 until July 2022 Carl acted as Course Director of the Masters in Songwriting at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. Upon retiring from this position, Carl was awarded Emeritus Lecturer status for his work in developing, managing and supporting the MA in Songwriting, along with contributing to the ethos of University of Limerick.

In October 2019 he was invited to join the Board of Music Network, Ireland – a role he has embraced enthusiastically and one that gives him the opportunity to engage further with the Arts Community at home and abroad.

In May 2023, Carl completed and was awarded a Professional Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring (with Distinction), becoming a member of EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). He continues to engage in the Coaching practice, focussing on (but not exclusive to) the Creative Community.

Further information is available on request: Contact carlcorcoranmusic@gmail.com


In Carl’s teens in the 1970s, Carl signed a recording contract with EMI(Ire) for three original albums written by himself and various collaborators under the moniker of Jamie Stone. Carl’s first album ‘New Day’ gathered six awards at the RMI Awards in 1974, including Artist of The Year. His songs ‘Gulliver’ (’74 )and ‘I Believe in Love'(’76) were chart toppers in the Irish charts.

In 1978, Carl headed for New York. The American sojourn lasted 20 years and brought experiences of a varied nature in the world of entertainment. He established himself as a popular and busy performer in the Irish American community, releasing a CD of Irish and Irish inspired original songs on the Rego Label – called “Dancing the Dublin Reel” – voted the “Album of the Year” by the Irish Echo in 1996. In the latter five years, the passion for radio was irresistible. Carl played an anchor role in a successful commercial radio station in New York, where he presented Irish specialty shows as well as maintaining the Morning Shift weekdays 9am-12 noon at WTBQ….playing music from the 50’s through the 90’s.

On returning to Ireland in 1998, a move which coincided with the setting up of RTÉ lyric fm, Carl was asked to host ‘The Third Wave’ late night on Lyric (Sat and Sun), which he presented for three years. Simultaneously, Carl became a regular presenter on RTÉ Radio1 until the slot at The Lyric Breakfast came his way. Carl remained in that early morning role for four years, until October 2007 when the Breakfast Man returned to the once familiar night hours at RTÉ lyric fm taking over the role of Presenter for The Blue of the Night – the highly acclaimed late night slot – a role he performed for 10 years until taking up his current position as Course Director at Irish World Academy.

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Updates / Events

2209, 2023

FOREVER AND MORE – reimagined as a Duet, featuring Claire Heffernan

By |September 22nd, 2023|

Some songs don’t just take the listeners on a journey, they take their makers on one as well. 'Forever and More’ began life in 1983 as a songwriting collaboration between Carl Corcoran and Rosemarie Taylor, written for the wedding of friends. It quickly became a favourite with listeners, featuring in multiple other weddings, and constantly in demand by those who frequented ‘The Minstrel Boy’ in Queens, NYC where Carl Corcoran was resident entertainer from some 15 years. Forty years after its creation, Carl Corcoran’s career took him places he never would have foreseen in 1983. Returning to Ireland in 1999, Corcoran became a radio broadcaster with RTÉ 1 and Lyric FM, curating, and presenting the acclaimed eclectic late-night programme, ‘The Blue of The Night” for ten years. After ‘retiring’ from RTÉ, he then went on to create and direct an MA in Songwriting at [...]

1308, 2023


By |August 13th, 2023|

Some Thoughts on a Week's Retreat in the beautiful surrounds of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Co. Monaghan June 2023   My drive to Annaghmakerrig on the Monday was filled with equal amounts of excitement and apprehension. I had never given myself permission to immerse myself in a weeklong indulgence in the creative practice. At least – not til now. My submission for acceptance of this opportunity was greeted with a positive ‘green light’ from Tyrone Guthrie Centre Director, Dr. Éimear O’Connor. That itself was a declaration of permission and affirmation. Hence my excitement.   But my apprehension was the result of a self-generated fear. Would I last a week in my own company? Would I manage to ‘write’ for an extended period? Would the required communal dining experience (as stipulated in Tyrone Guthrie’s will) be fraught with anticipation of forced conversation? Would I [...]

1908, 2020

To Feel The Power of Love – a song for these times

By |August 19th, 2020|

This song was born in the early days of Covid Lockdown. Sunrise walks on the Hill and the Piers of beautiful Howth; some Covid Cave ruminations and meditations – and Voila!   Like many of my songs and co-writes over the last 25 years it was written with A.N.Other singer in mind. But with a little magic dust from my son Kevin Corcoran (renowned keyboardist with Villagers, I Have A Tribe, Jake Clemmons, Sun Collective, Saso)  as Producer  and much encouragement from family, friends and colleagues (in particular Luka Bloom) I’m sending my version into cyber space - first ‘release’ in 25 years!   And to add to it – Billie de Buitléar captured the beautiful video shots. Sorca O'Farrell, a favourite Howth artist has often inspired me with her beautiful etchings, especially her ‘Forest Wisdom’ featured above and at the opening of the [...]

1904, 2020

Blog for Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences @UL

By |April 19th, 2020|

Songwriters are inspired by an inner voice and spirit, coupled with a desire to move the listener (or should be). But finding the subject matter for such creation can often be a tedious and difficult pre-occupation. Certainly, there are tricks and tools of the trade that make searching for the inspiration that much easier. Maybe you engage in the practice of free writing (where you write continuously for a set period with no regard to spelling, grammar, subject matter or continuity thereby opening up the creative flow) or perhaps you are a regular Morning Pages writer following the ‘creativity liberating’ techniques espoused by Julia Cameron in her hugely popular ‘The Artist’s Way’ (the seminal book on the subject of creativity…again liberating the creative force within). Every songwriter has their own unique approach to the process and the response to stimuli around them. Some advocate [...]


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